Arguably the most important skill students learn in college is time management. As an involved college student, I became an expert at prioritizing my schedule to fit the needs of the different facets of my student life. Subsequently, I was an avid advocate for using planners and scheduling the parts of my life I could. With this ability to manage almost every hour of my time, I became so engrossed in being efficient with everything I did. I carried everything out with a sense of urgency. I was constantly reminding myself of what I needed to do and prioritizing these tasks based on how urgent they were in comparison to others.

As you can imagine, this left me pretty high-strung just like the majority of other high-aspiring college students, which is why I decided taking a year off and moving back home to relax would be the best decision I could make after I graduated. The thought of having minimal responsibilities (no cooking, cleaning, paying bills, roommate drama, etc.) and being able to save money for the future could not have been more appealing when I was at the pinnacle of my college involvement. However, after living at home now for 5 months, I have come to miss the sense of urgency in my daily life.

Although I have a full-time job and have minimal free time, having the daily satisfaction of having accomplished something meaningful seems somewhat lost. I still have tasks scheduled everyday, but the weight behind these seem less important as these are tasks I am completing for a short-term purpose i.e. going to work, working out, writing blog posts, etc. I miss being able to confidently complete a task that was assigned to me for a purpose. Most of the time these consisted of homework assignments and papers, but other times they were simple responsibilities I completed on my own. I am starting to realize that the responsibility I was looking forward to losing was the motivating force behind my college success. Having these pressures put on me were stressful, but they also gave me an opportunity to define myself.

The past 16 years of my life have revolved around school and all the activities to go along with it, and I seem somewhat lost not having that progression. I am still unsure where I will be next year and am adapting to life without classes and control. I currently submitted all of my materials to the medical schools I am applying to and am waiting to hear back about potential interviews. I am stuck in a waiting game, and the rest is out of my hands. I am anxious about my future and am trying to find a way to appease my inner go-getter. Part of this adaptation is finding the motivators to replace my homework and allow myself to continue to grow and be successful.

As it has taken me almost 5 months to come to terms with this idea, I am not expecting to have any life revelations anytime soon. However, I can rely on the support of my family and friends and my trust in God to help me with this discovery.

” The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Sustainable Clothing


As a biochemistry major, I spent the majority of my studies examining ways the use science for the better. The biologist inside of me defines “for the better” as bettering the Earth that provides for us. Consumerism has made us greedy in utilizing the resources we have, and we often forget that these resources are not replenished.

One of the industries that is impacting the environment the most is the clothing industry. It takes materials to not only make clothes, but also to make them look desirable and ship them across the country. As a female consumer and a financially unstable recent graduate, it is hard for me to not fall into a cheap clothes rut. However, I have made it my mission to try to buy sustainable clothing items even if it means I have to invest a little more.

Here is a list of some of my favorite sustainable companies I have discovered.

  1. H&M Conscious Collection
  2. Levi’s
  3. Alternative Apparel
  4. Pact
  5. People Tree
  6. Shift to Nature
  7. Modavanti
  8. Zady
  9. Ethica
  10. Good Cloth
  11. and this list would not be complete without Patagonia

Everyday life satisfaction

I recently read an article on Thought Catalog that touches on the idea behind why I started this blog. The author writes,

“Our culture has dictated a certain mediocrity associated with an “average” life.”

We are conquering a huge milestone by graduating college, however, we are left yearning for more. The natural progression is to commit to a full-time job, a volunteer mission, more school, etc. All of these vast commitments are admirable, but we still seem to lack satisfaction. We are still seeking to find more adventurous experiences to add to our already fulfilling life. Often time the void we have created is filled with travel experiences. We are told to go out and live while we are young, but isn’t being young just living in itself?

We are so focused on planning out our future endeavors and figuring out how we can make ourselves look appealing to the rest of the world, that we often do not take the time to appreciate who we are presently. Yes, I think seeking adventure outside of a normal routine is necessary, but these adventures are often closer than we think. I am starting to learn the importance of reflecting on what you have and appreciating what makes you happy from day-to-day.

The author concludes her article by stating,

“Treat everyday like it’ll be exciting and thrilling, and I promise you it will.”

This is an idea I want to emanate in my daily life. I want to embrace my present adventures and capitalize on the opportunities in front of me.


Who am I?

The details I have included about myself in the About section only skim the surface of who I actually am today. In a way, I am defined by my accomplishments, but I am better characterized by what I enjoy. Here is a list of the top 10 influences in my life currently. I hope to elaborate on these topics in the future.

My motivators:

  1. My application and journey to become a medical student
  2. Maintaining a healthy body
  3. Building and maintaining a healthy mind (deserves a separate category from #2)
  4. My relationship with my family and friends
  5. My faith
  6. The future of healthcare and human health (as a consequence of #1)
  7. Advancing science for a better future
  8. Reading captivating literature
  9. Listening to great vocalists
  10. Connecting with others (that’s why we’re all here right?)


I look forward to sharing my journey through limbo with you. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to put a face to the words.