Who am I?

The details I have included about myself in the About section only skim the surface of who I actually am today. In a way, I am defined by my accomplishments, but I am better characterized by what I enjoy. Here is a list of the top 10 influences in my life currently.Ā I hope to elaborate on these topics in the future.

My motivators:

  1. My application and journey to become a medical student
  2. Maintaining a healthy body
  3. Building and maintaining a healthy mind (deserves a separate category from #2)
  4. My relationship with my family and friends
  5. My faith
  6. The future of healthcare and human health (as a consequence of #1)
  7. Advancing science for a better future
  8. Reading captivating literature
  9. Listening to great vocalists
  10. Connecting with others (that’s why we’re all here right?)


I look forward to sharing my journey through limbo with you. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to put a face to the words.


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