Everyday life satisfaction

I recently read an article on Thought Catalog that touches on the idea behind why I started this blog. The author writes,

“Our culture has dictated a certain mediocrity associated with an “average” life.”

We are conquering a huge milestone by graduating college, however, we are left yearning for more. The natural progression is to commit to a full-time job, a volunteer mission, more school, etc. All of these vast commitments are admirable, but we still seem to lack satisfaction. We are still seeking to find more adventurous experiences to add to our already fulfilling life. Often time the void we have created is filled with travel experiences. We are told to go out and live while we are young, but isn’t being young just living in itself?

We are so focused on planning out our future endeavors and figuring out how we can make ourselves look appealing to the rest of the world, that we often do not take the time to appreciate who we are presently. Yes, I think seeking adventure outside of a normal routine is necessary, but these adventures are often closer than we think. I am starting to learn the importance of reflecting on what you have and appreciating what makes you happy from day-to-day.

The author concludes her article by stating,

“Treat everyday like it’ll be exciting and thrilling, and I promise you it will.”

This is an idea I want to emanate in my daily life. I want to embrace my present adventures and capitalize on the opportunities in front of me.



One thought on “Everyday life satisfaction

  1. Have you ever watched “About Time”? I’m not sure why this movie comes to mind, but it is one of my absolute favourites and think it really speaks to this idea of creating a beautiful “average” life.

    Just because you’re not a Kardashian (and thank goodness for that) doesn’t men that you can’t build a wonderfully fulfilling and happy life.

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